Kish Robinson has been making genre-bending, experimental music projects under the moniker Kilo Kish since 2012. Starting first as a student of design at Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, Kish has been heralded for her cross medium approach to creating music. Functioning as a conceptual artist, songwriter, designer, and consultant, Kish is completely hands on with all facets of her artistry from packaging to films. Her work has been reviewed by the New York Times, The New Yorker, Time Magazine, Vogue, W, Fader, and The Village Voice. Kish released her debut full length LP “Reflections in Real Time (RRT)” in 2016 through her own label, kisha soundscape + audio (ksa). Conceptually, Kish has stated that the album achieves a stream of consciousness narrative that balances her darker sense of humor. Watch her perform at Demon Dayz Festival LA on October 20.

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