Tijoux has a command of language. She does what she pleases, refashioning language with the same perfect, logical chaos of jazz music from which she draws influence. She follows no formulas or marketing equations, but every album is filled with poignant narration. She reached international acclaim outside of Chile through her second album, 1977, in 2008 receiving her first Grammy nomination. It was a deeply introspective, at times melancholy record which talks about growing up in exile; about being a writer. La Bala (The Bullet), her next album, was wildly different. True to its name, it's was a precise and powerful piece that captured the strong popular protest movement that was growing in Chile. Most recently, Tijoux released Vengo (2014) which was praised by critics for the progressive elements of the lyrics, including feminism, environmentalism, social justice and post-colonialism. Watch her perform at Demon Dayz Festival LA on October 20.

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